Three-dimensional paintings?  Abstract wall sculptures?  Wood collages? Constructions?  Painted wood assemblages? Recycled Industrial Patterns? 

Whatever you call them they are unique, colorful, eye-catching art with a mysterious background.  As you view these artworks, from different angles, the light and shadows change making for a dynamic experience.

Hung alone on a wall one artwork can transform the whole room.  These works will give your living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom or office in your home a fresh and modern mood.  They impart an adventuresome, bold, and creative atmosphere to your business lobby or offices.  

For an even more dramatic look, one angle or line can be extended from the artwork to traverse the length of the wall.  Then paint the wall one of the colors from the artwork below line and a different color above the line.  The wall becomes a part of the artwork.